EMeter with Digital Head


Vitro EMeters require zero calibration, no maintenance and comes with secure IoT connectivity built in. All of this adds up to an industry-leading 10 year warranty, crypto-secure device networks, and integral AWS IoT reporting.

The Vitro EMeter merges operating and reporting technologies into a unified meter that delivers industry leading performance. Electromagnetic sensors are embedded into the Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) walls of the meter, yielding accurate measurements with unrestricted flow. Unlike mechanical meters, EMeter will not be effected by sand, sediment or small debris that can be produced from well water or other effluents. PTFE is a one of the slickest, smoothest food-safe plastics, adding to the resiliency of the EMeter in any application.

The EMeter was designed from the ground up to be a durable, remote device connected to AWS IoT. The integral IoT hardware built into every meter allows for persistent, secure connectivity. Security ensures that devices cannot be highjacked to find exploits in larger networks, guarantees that data can be relied on and offers a sure path into the future with remote upgradability for software.