Includes bare board & 12V 2A power supply


Includes enclosure & 12V 2A power supply


The Vitro Crystal is a crypto-secure gateway for AWS IoT. The gateway offers multiple and redundant network connectivity options including ethernet, wifi, CDMA, GSM, LoRa, Sigfox and more. A native CAN bus interface provides simplified monitor and control of sensors and equipment with the Vitro Shard board or directly via CAN bus, MOD bus, PM bus, SCADA and more. The gateway can also operate as a stand-alone media server with hardware accelerated H.264 video display 1080P@24 fps on HDMI. Each gateway includes provisioned AWS IoT keys stored in hardware ECC cryptography using the Atmel ECC508A. This “no touch” provisioning delivers power-on connectivity to AWS IoT for each Crystal unit allowing for simplified development and deployment. In addition, the software stack includes OTA updates, a mainline Linux kernel, Uboot and more all in Docker and Yocto.

Vitro has deployed Crystal boards in our own projects – in other words, we eat our own cooking! Join us in our Community to learn more about using our platform on AWS IoT for your next project.